Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Soot Cleanup After Residential Fire

A local homeowner suffered smoke and soot damage after a stove top caught fire in their garage used for their catering business. Smoke and soot traveled throug... READ MORE

Fire Restoration Can be Meticulous

Local homeowner suffered extensive smoke and soot damage after their home caught fire. The damage reached nearly every room in the home. Our team cleaned their... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup Requires Extensive Cleanup

Our team responded to a local residential fire cleanup. Starting in a corner of the bathroom, the fire caused damage to the bathroom as well as the adjacent be... READ MORE

Local University Suffers Fire Damage

A multipurpose room at a local university suffered loss due to a kitchen fire in April. Caused by a fire on the stovetop, this multipurpose room suffered signi... READ MORE

Fire Damages Algona Home

Basement fire damages basement to Algona home. This fire caused significant damage throughout the home and basement. Notice these before and after photos and ... READ MORE

Restoring Family Hierlooms

These cups were located in a cabinet, directly above a fire and sustained heavy smoke damage. We weren't sure if we would be able to save them, but knew that ou... READ MORE