Water Damage Photo Gallery

Protect Your Belongings From Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are truly no fun for anyone.  Often times they lead to many prized possessions being thrown away.  That's where our team springs into action.  

As you can see from the photo above, our team goes above and beyond to try to save your possessions from any disaster.  In this case a member of our team dried and packaged nearly every photo from this families photo album in order to salvage their families memories.  

To help prevent issues like this make sure your prized possessions are kept in waterproof totes and/or kept 12" plus off the ground. 

Call SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes to help return your property back "Like it never even happened." 

Choosing the Right Carpet Pad

Flooring stores offer a variety of options when it comes to carpet padding including pet pad, seen in this photo. 

Pet pad is a great option for those who wish to prolong the life of their carpet.  The thin plastic lining between the carpet and the pad provides a barrier from pet stains and spills. It becomes an issue, however, when you have water damage in your basement as that water will become trapped in the padding and extraction cannot happen due to the layer of plastic on the pad.  Due to this, more often times than not the pad will have to be completely removed and replaced.

When you are looking at putting carpet in your home or business make sure to consider the best option for your project.

Hardwood Floor Drying

Our Injectidry specialty drying equipment can be used to help dry hardwood floors and potentially save the floors from a more-costly replacement. This equipment is ideal for spot drying; it’s durable and easy to use. It is used with a pressure blower to vacuum water vapor out of wet hardwoods. Its gasket seal makes taping unnecessary. The mat is hands off; once installed it can be left alone. The process is non-invasive, so the chance of floor damage is less.

Water Damage in Houston

SERVPRO works to save as many of your personal content items as we can, but when water sits too long and is not dried out correctly and immediately, items may have to be disposed of for health reasons. 

In this photo we took in Houston, you can see the amount of personal items needing to be tossed. Due to Hurricane Harvey, response and recovery teams were not able to quickly get into homes to dry out these items, causing one of the largest insurance claim events in US history. 

Save Your Wood Floors After Water Damage

Flooding and hardwood flooring don't mix (as seen in this photo from a building in Houston after Hurricane Harvey left water behind.) 

Depending on how long the floor was wet, damage can vary. Here are some signs of damage to look for:

1. Staining and/or discoloration
2. Cupping and buckling from absorbed moisture
3. Popping nails
4. Lifting of floorboards (especially at the ends)
5. Mold growth (can occur within 48 hours of flooding)

If you suspect your hardwood floors have come in contact with water, give us a call. 

Water Damage to Local Staffing Agency

Your team was FANTASTIC!!! They were so easy to work with and cleaned up the mess as quickly and efficiently as possible. We finally feel like we are back to functioning somewhat "normal"...or I should say that I am since my desk was the main one affected by the fiasco.

Thanks again. We would recommend you all anytime!!

- Sandra A Moeller, Branch Manager | Aventure Staffing