Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement in NW Iowa

After seeing 6" plus of rain within a very short period of time followed by periods of steady showers this homeowner found their basement flooded with nearly 6"... READ MORE

Heavy Rain Means Wet Basement

The heavy rains that rolled through northwest Iowa recently left many basements with water damage such as this homeowner who saw water in much of their basement... READ MORE

Storms Wreck Havoc on Area Home

An area homeowner is feeling the aftermath of the unending storms that rolled through northwest Iowa throughout the summer months. The scope of damage was exte... READ MORE

Storms Force Homeowner to Remove Flooring

Due to the unending rains in the Spencer area over the summer, this homeowner was forced to remove flooring and replace a number of other items damaged due to t... READ MORE

Ice Dam Damage is Preventable

An ice dam is formed when snow melts unevenly on a roof and refreezes into a dam at the edge of the roof, near the eaves. This dam prevents any further snowmelt... READ MORE

Helping with Hurricane Harvey

SERVPRO® of Spencer and Iowa Great Lakes spent three weeks in Houston, helping with the cleanup and recently returned home. The Spencer-based business owns ... READ MORE